Is it possible for individuals with missing teeth to regain a perfect smile? Yes! Dentures are a great solution for people who have missing teeth. Dentures are custom-made artificial teeth designed to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable, which makes them easier to clean and maintain. In addition to restoring your smile, dentures can help make it easier to eat and speak, and they can also help to prevent the facial muscles from sagging.

Dentures are custom-made to fit your specific requirements. This means that there are no identical dentures. People are usually hesitant about using dentures because they believe they are uncomfortable. Modern dentures are designed to feel and look natural to ensure that individuals are comfortable and enjoy using their dentures. Read on to learn more about dentures and why they are a great solution for missing teeth..

How Old Do I Need To Be For Dentures?

There are several causes of tooth loss, ranging from physical trauma to advanced tooth decay. Contrary to what most patients believe, getting dentures does not require you to reach a certain age. Anyone can lose teeth regardless of age and with dentures, people with missing teeth can smile, speak, and eat comfortably. It is a solution available for all ages.

Types Of Dentures

There are two major types of dentures, namely full dentures and partial dentures. Your dentist will assist you in selecting the type of denture that best compliments your smile and offers you the best comfort. Your budget and the number of missing teeth are major factors that determine the type of denture your dentist will recommend.

Full dentures are dentures that replace all teeth in both jaws. Before full dentures can be used, all remaining teeth have to be extracted. Full dentures can either be conventional dentures or immediate dentures.

Conventional full dentures are not placed immediately after the extraction of any remaining teeth. Instead, the mouth will be measured to make a personalized denture that fits the patient’s mouth. Before a conventional denture can be placed, the oral tissue where the dentures are to be fitted needs to have healed. A traditional complete denture can take a patient many months to get. The period required to go without teeth makes this alternative unappealing for many people.

For this reason the more popular alternative is immediate dentures. As the name implies, immediate dentures are placed promptly after removing any remaining teeth. Although this kind of denture does not require the patient to be without teeth for a long time, it still needs to be readjusted after a few months. Movement of the gums and bones during the healing process could result in an ill-fitting denture.

Partial dentures: Patients missing a group of teeth are usually fitted with partial dentures. Your remaining teeth serve as a support structure for the partial dentures. In order to further offer you structure, your dentist will likely put dental crowns on a few nearby natural teeth to support your denture.

Overdenture: Teeth that don’t require extraction can be covered by overdentures. Keeping your healthy teeth in place can help maintain your jaw structure and stabilize your dentures. Dental implants can be used as an alternative to overdentures.

Implant-supported dentures: Dentures that are supported by implants offer a cutting-edge method of keeping dentures anchored to your smile. Dental implants are used in securing implant-supported dentures. These titanium implants that are inserted serve as artificial tooth roots and are surgically inserted into your jaw. Implant-supported dentures are frequently more comfortable than standard dentures. These implants also healthily stimulate your jawbone, which can significantly prevent bone loss and sagging of facial muscles

Caring For Dentures

Dentures are sensitive and should be handled properly to prevent warping or chipping. Discussed below are some pointers for maintaining the condition of your dentures.

    • Ensure that your dentures are cleaned daily
    • Clean your dentures with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft-bristled brush.
    • To prevent your dentures from warping, ensure that they are stored in a safe place with
      water covering them.
    • Dentures left in water overnight should be rinsed before reinserting into the mouth.

With dentures, it is possible to regain a beautiful smile even after losing teeth. Get in touch with GreensBorough Dental Markham Dental Office today to learn more about dentures.