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Your Markham Dentist Offers the Best Periodontal Surgery Treatment

Periodontal surgery is performed to restore and regenerate the form and function of lost or damaged gum tissue. At Greensborough Dental your Markham dentist, we offer several periodontal surgical procedures that can:

  • Treat periodontal deformities
  • Regenerate periodontal tissue loss
  • Reconstruct gum lines and periodontal tissue attachment to the teeth

Proper hygiene practices and regular professional periodontal care are essential for the treatment of periodontal disease and aim at controlling its main cause, which is the build-up of microbial dental plaque on the teeth and under the gum line. The purpose of any periodontal surgery thereafter is the treatment of any damage caused by the disease.

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During your consultation with Dr. Afshin Riazi –your Markham Dentist-, he’ll assess your needs, see the extent of damage caused to your teeth and gum tissue and he’ll recommend the appropriate treatment plan options for you. He discusses all your options in detail, making sure you understand and are comfortable with the process and the treatment plan. He takes all the time needed to answer all your questions and make you feel re-assured, relaxed and at ease with the plan.

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