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Dr. Afshin Riazi – your Markham dentist- welcomes patients of all ages and all backgrounds. We value our patients and feel responsible for their oral health.

Dental Check-Ups Markham Dentist

We encourage you to pay us a visit every 3-6 months for a dental hygiene appointment, where we:

  • make sure your oral health is in great condition
  • prevent any dental problems from happening
  • start treating any problem in its early stages.

Our experienced dental hygienists provide you with education during all phases of treatment. They customize an oral care program for you to address all matters related to your oral health including nutrition, smoking cessation, oral cancer screening, and plaque control, and the use of various oral care products, their purpose, and effective use.

Dental Hygiene Markham

During your dental hygiene visit, our dental hygienist will:

  • review your chart and medical status and record all findings on your chart
  • examine your head, neck, gums, teeth and mouth for abnormalities
  • measure the attachment of the gums to your teeth
  • take prescribed x-rays when required
  • scale your teeth to remove plaque and tartar
  • polish your teeth to remove stains
  • apply fluoride to strengthen your teeth


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