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Dr. Afshin Riazi – A Children’s Markham dentist who makes dentistry a fun learning experience for your child!

As your Markham family dentist, we provide a family-oriented dental practice and children are always welcome. We ensure that your child’s experience with the children’s dentist Dr. Afshin Riazi conveys a feeling of trust and security leaving them feeling comfortable and open to learning about their teeth and oral health.

Dr. Afshin Riazi is the best choice for your child! Children are our top priority and we always make sure they have an enjoyable experience at our office. We use fun tools to help them understand what’s happening and why it’s important so that they can take care of their teeth on their own as they grow up.

Children's Markham Dentist

At what age should I bring my child to the Pediatric dentist?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, your child’s first dental visit should be by the age of one, or within the first six months from the eruption of the first tooth. While most parents are unaware of its importance, early care for children’s teeth and oral health is essential. Education, prevention, and good hygiene are among the reasons why we like to see your children at an early age. Our goal is to introduce and promote the gentle, caring, and friendly dental approach that will get your children excited to come back for their next dental visit.

At Greensborough Dental your pediatric dentist Markham is a family-friendly dental practice that offers gentle, caring and friendly dentistry. We want to make sure your children are comfortable with their teeth and gums. That’s why we offer a variety of services for them, from checkups to cleanings to fillings.

Our goal is not only to get your child excited about coming back for their next visit but also to help them understand how important it is to take care of their teeth so they can have healthy smiles as adults too!

How often should children visit the Pediatric dentist?

At Greensborough Dental, we urge you to bring your child in for a dental visit every 6 months. Because they are growing and changing so rapidly, we pay special attention to erupting permanent teeth, growth, and development of facial bones, and smile aesthetics and function. We monitor the effects of oral habits including baby bottles, pacifiers, and thumb sucking. Orthodontic evaluations take place when your child exhibits signs of undesired development.

Our child dentist goal is to provide children with dental care that meets their needs while making them feel safe and comfortable in our child’s dental clinic. Let us take care of all your child’s dental needs so they can focus on being kids!

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